International Tiara Day

International Tiara Day

You! Yes you girl! You are a queen. Or a Princess. Or a Duchess. Each and every one of us is royalty and deserves to feel it. You deserve to feel like royalty, no matter where you are from or your history. International Tiara Day reminds you that you don’t need any excuse (although now you do) to wear a sparkling tiara and hit the streets. Let your inner princess shine this International Tiara Day

In 2005, a special event was organized to coincide with Barbara Bellissimo‚Äôs Seasons of Success. It encouraged women all over the world (we were going for ‘allow’ but they don‚Äôt need permission) and to show their inner beauty by wearing a tiara. After the success of this event, it was decided to make it an annual event. It also falls on Queen Victoria’s birthday!

When women take the time to do what makes them happy, they are often called self-centered and vain. They are constantly told that perfection is the only way to go. If they try hard to achieve it, they are told that they are fake and should be humble. International Tiara Day invites you to forget about all of that and just go out and show the world who you really are.

It’s important to remember that the Tiara doesn’t have to be literal. It can be your self-esteem and pride shining through. You can take some time to go to the beauty salon and get some make-up done. Perhaps riding a horse makes one feel like a queen and tops of the world. Maybe that horse is named Harley and has a growl that can make a Pit Bull Blush. No matter what it may be, show the world what makes you proud, strong and queenly.


May 24 2025


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