International Top Spinning Day

International Top Spinning Day

The powerful image of the spinning top is one that is representative of an object that can only be held in place by motion and the precarious laws physics. They are used in imagery to convey many ideas, such as the idea of things needing to be in balance and the indication that all things will eventually wind down in the fullness or time. Inception was the most recent use of the spinning top. It creates a strong connection between this rotating form, and illusionary stability. These ideas are celebrated on International Top Spinning Day, as well as many others!

The Spinning Top & Yo-Yo Museum in Burlington, Wisconsin established International Top Spinning Day to raise awareness about the joy of spinning tops and the fact that the entire world is a spinning top. Tops have a rich and long history all over the globe. They have been used in many cultures with meanings ranging from religious to simple toys for children. How old is the spinning top exactly? Archaeologists have recognized it as one of the oldest toys that can be identified. It was found in many cultures, and even in the most ancient sites.

There are many types of tops. The principles that govern them can even be used in the most advanced technology (ever heard of the gyroscope?) It functions on the same principles as tops. There are gambling tops as well as battling tops. Some of these gambling tops can even be used for religious purposes. The Dreidel of Jewish Faith, for instance, is a top that was used to gamble and, according to tradition, to conceal the fact that they were studying Torah during persecution. Tops have a fascinating history. International Top Spinning Day gives you the chance to learn all about them! You can also play with tops.

Find a top first. You can find tops at most toy stores and you can make your own. Have you ever spun a penny on a top of a table? You are basically creating a top, and using the same forces to keep that penny spinning. Feeling like getting involved? You can either host or suggest an International Top Spinning Day for teachers, students, or both!


Dec 10 2024


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