International Tuba Day

International Tuba Day

Do you remember the marching band member that was least liked? The one sound that didn’t seem to make a difference to the overall experience on the field.

We are not referring to the drummers. However, it is a common assumption. The bassist is not the right answer. This is a marching band and not a rock band. International Tuba Day is dedicated to the Tuba, the “oompah” brass instrument. It celebrates the richness and variety of sounds this wonderful brass wind can produce.

International Tuba Day is a day to celebrate the underappreciated contributions of Tuba Players.

These incredible performers are often overlooked. International Tuba Day recognizes them and the hardships they endure in their pursuit of art. You might ask, what are your struggles? Let’s begin with the image of the world, the large heavy man puffing on his big heavy instrument with cheeks like bellows.

This is often the first vision and it often highlights the lung capacity required to play such a powerful instrument. It is also believed that they lack personality. To make this performance interesting and bright, you need to have a lot of personality.

We are fortunate to have a champion who can help change this image. Joel Day, a member of the Lower Merion High school Band, established the holiday for the first time in 1979.

His fellow tuba players realized that their instruments were not getting the recognition and respect they deserved. He didn’t know his efforts would lead to a worldwide explosion in Tuba enthusiasm and music being collected and performed, which elevated the Tuba‚Äôs value and appeal.

First, if your Tuba is not in use, get it out and show the world what it can do. A Tuba’s powerful and majestic voice can add an incredible amount of personality to any performance if it is played well.

It is deep and rich, and it should not be missed. The tuba can pierce through the sound and feel it in your bones. International Tuba Day gives you the chance to show the world how a Tuba player can be.


Jun 05 2024


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