International Week of Happiness at Work

International Week of Happiness at Work

It is a common belief that no one likes to work. But, what if you could take a week off work to encourage happiness? International Week of Happiness at Work, a holiday that encourages happiness at work, is an international holiday. Happiness at work is a key to a happier lifestyle. You can find happiness whether you work for a large corporation or a small business. Find out more about the International Week of Happiness here.

Maartje Wolff, Fennande Van der Meulen and Fennande van den Meulen started International Week of Happiness at Work in 2015. They are two Dutch women who founded Happy Office in 2015. Happy Office is a program that helps you incorporate happiness in your workplace to make it a happier place for everyone. Happy Office combines studies from some of Europe’s top universities with certified professionals with degrees and certificates so that they can assist any organization and assess the problems. This allows each worker to be happy in their work and not lose their happiness.

The holiday was created to bring people together from all walks of the globe in an effort to make work more enjoyable. Happy Office’s main website allows you to sign the manifesto and pledge to make the necessary changes to ensure happier workplaces. Happy Office wants to make people happier by encouraging them to sign the manifesto. Happy Office believes that people can live happier lives by changing the workplace. This includes better relationships, a more fulfilling home life, and greater opportunities for personal growth.

Sign the petition at Happy Office to celebrate this holiday and make the promise to be happier at work. Once you do, share the webpage with your friends and hashtag #internationalweekofhappinessatwork in your social media posts and let your friends know that they can easily make a difference in their workplace by being happier.


Sep 19 - 23 2024


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