International Yarn Bombing Day

International Yarn Bombing Day

They are appearing everywhere like a psychedelically colored mushroom that grows socks-like on surfaces such as trees, scaffolding, and bike racks. These everyday objects suddenly became ensconced in a strange wooly growth with amazing patterns.

It is possible to be extremely skilled or very ingenious. The yarn can also vary in thickness from pencil-lead thin and thick to as thick as the pencil. International Yarn Bombing Day sees fiber-freaks around the globe go on a knitting spree to spread warm fuzzy comfort. Get your needles out and get to stitching!

First, let’s take a look at yarn bombing to understand International Yarn Bombing Day. Sometimes it is called guerrilla knitting, yarnstorming or yarnstorming. It is simply the practice where knitted art works are added to public spaces, no matter what they call it. A yarn bomber might design a colorful knitted pattern, wrap it around a bus stop, and then add it to the public place. This practice was intended to transform knitting from a craft that could only be used to make clothes and hats into something that can add meaning and color in urban areas.

This is not standard graffiti, where the purpose is to mark your territory. It is not vandalism. It’s about creating a sense belonging, conveying meaning, and drawing attention to something that most people ignore. International Yarn Bombing Day is a celebration of this art, raising awareness about crochet and knitting, and having lots of fun.

Ironically, International Yarn Bombing Day began as a simple gimmick in a sewing shop. They knitted a sleeve as part of their style and personality and it spread like a mycorrhizal lifeform.

It spread to cover telephone poles and put colorful socks on statues. Bike racks were also covered. Trees have now received a lovely, warm sleeve to help them get through the winter months. It was actually the 11th of Juni 2011, which marked the beginning of International Yarn Bombing Day. Since then, it has continued to thrive!

This is all done in the spirit and enjoyment of beautification, bringing an amazing display to cities around the globe. The majority of people don’t consider it graffiti, but instead see it as an acceptable and beautiful form of urban art. It’s not surprising, considering the incredible patterns that can be created by a knitter and the soft and comfortable nature the fabric. They don’t use wool for allergy reasons, but it’s still an amazing time!

You can bomb yarn! Get out your crochet needles and knitting needles and go out and make the world a better place by sharing your work. This is the best time to learn knitting. There are classes available all around, and even if you don’t have a class, you can still find an organized International Yarn Bombing Day activity.

We can assure you that the yarn-crazy hobbyists love nothing more than to introduce people to this hobby that has become their obsession. Your cat will entertain you for hours, so even your worst efforts will be worthwhile! It’s all about the yarn! Get out there and Yarn Bomb!

You can also celebrate International Yarn Bombing Day by doing some online digging to find interesting yarn bombs from the past. There will be amazing pieces of knitting art, and you’ll also learn about great stories and tales.

One of the most well-known yarn bombers was actually a great-grandmother who was 104 years old. Grace Brett is possibly the oldest street artist in the world. In 2016, Grace Brett went all-out with her yarn bombing, adding her designs at 46 landmarks in the Scottish county of Borders.

She knew she couldn’t do it all so she hired some Souther Stormers to help her. The secretive group went around Selkirk, placing her designs everywhere. You should definitely take a look at the photos. It’s amazing. Grace did a funky makeover to the classic red British telephone boxes.

It is easy to get lost in the yarn bombing stories for hours. This will give you inspiration about the many designs and creations you can create in celebration of this special day.

Make it a team project with all your family members. It’s possible to create amazing designs together and then bless your community with tons of color and fun. You only need a few snacks, good friends, and lots of wool to have a great day!


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