International Youth Day

International Youth Day is an excellent opportunity to celebrate and to learn from the next generation.

Every country has the opportunity to evaluate their commitment to youth and their investment in general education (both for youth and of youth) during Youth Day.

After a recommendation by the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth in 1999, the United Nations endorsed the first International Youth Day in 2000. While its primary purpose was to encourage and inspire leaders of countries to be more aware of youth issues, it can also be passed on to the next generation.

International Youth Day must be celebrated at both a national and global level. This can be done by those who are close to the youth in their communities.

International Youth Day aims to empower young people so they can participate in public life and be prepared to contribute to the development of society around the globe.

It’s time for International Youth Day!

This day is about celebrating and enjoying the moment, as well as raising awareness of the problems youth face and working to solve them for tomorrow’s leaders. These are some ideas to celebrate International Youth Day.

You can learn more about the local youth culture, education and activities, and get involved in the well-being of the next generation. Youth difficulties and problems can vary from one place to another. It is important to learn about the current state of the community in order to understand the needs of youth today.

Volunteering in youth programs like Big Brothers and Big Sisters, YMCA or Rotary Clubs can help.

This is a great day to try harder to understand and get to know youth who are already in your life. Although it may take some time to establish trust, this is a good day to begin. Start by being interested in their thoughts and doing these things:

It doesn’t have be boring to learn about the problems youth face today. There are many films and TV shows that give insight into the challenges facing today’s youth and teens. Many films are about racism, poverty and depression abuse, suicides, bullying, drug use, or other issues. They were created to increase awareness and empathy for today’s youth. Take a look at these films to find out more.

There are many events celebrating this day that can be held all around the globe. You can volunteer to help, donate money, or support these events in any way you find useful. The United Nations website is a good resource for information regarding sponsored events to celebrate the day.

Some events can only be attended in person, while others are available online. This includes thematic discussions and information campaigns around International Youth Day.

Other events include parades, concerts and volunteer projects. Achievement exhibitions are another option. One example of this was a Texas event that brought together a group young people to decorate and clean up a school. In London, England, groups hosted free storytimes, crafts events and other activities for children. A similar event was held in Dublin, Ireland. It featured talented young musicians from all over the country. New York’s event featured a fashion show and chess tournament, as well as roundtable discussions.

If you don’t have access to a local celebration of today’s youth, consider hosting one. Get together with friends who share a passion for youth empowerment and organize an event to increase awareness and support. You could host a small event at your local library or host a large-scale international event.

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