Internaut Day

The internet is the new frontier. Every new innovation creates new virtual worlds deep within the internet. Space will always remain the final frontier, except for brave souls who see death as the ultimate adventure. However, the internet will continue to grow and expand. Internaut Day is a celebration of all those who helped to create the internet.

The term “Internet” is a combination of “Astronaut” and “Internet”. It refers to people who have been involved in the creation of the Internet, are an operator of it, or who are fully capable users of it. It was initially comprised of members from the Internet Engineering Task Force, a group that creates voluntary internet standards such as the TCP/IP Internet Protocol suite. The membership quickly grew to include members from the Internet Society (ISOC), an organization that focuses on improving internet standards, education and accessibility.

The term netizen can now be used to refer to anyone who uses the internet. However, those with no technical knowledge are sometimes called netizens. As AR (Augmented Reality), expands and the physical world is increasingly integrated with the online world, there will be new types of netizens. We don’t know what the future holds for the internet and the world. Internaut Day honors all those who bring this brave new world to our collective attention.

It is a great way to celebrate Internaut Day by exploring the internet and learning about navigation and other aspects of the internet. Although the virtual world is fascinating, there are risks to your safety that you may not realize. If you aren’t already, today could be your chance to contribute to the internet’s growing network.

You have many ways to contribute. You might be able to upload your own videos on Youtube or add your photos to Instagram. You could be the next internet celebrity!


Aug 24 2024


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