Isdal Woman Day

Isdal Woman Day

We created Isdal Woman Day to remember and pay tribute to those who have died in mysterious or disputed circumstances. Their fates are unknown.

Dealing with the loss of a loved person can be very difficult and upsetting. It’s even more difficult when you don‚Äôt know what happened to your loved one. We remember those who died in mysterious circumstances and their loved ones.

Isdal Woman Day is celebrated on this date because it marks the anniversary of discovery of remains of a person in Norway in 1970. It’s close to Bergen. This person would be known as Isdal Woman. We will be discussing Isdal Woman Day in detail before we get to the details of what happened in 1970, when an unknown body was discovered in Norway. This led to the creation of this day.

The case of the Isdal Woman, one of the most iconic Cold War mysteries in Norway’s history, is still a mystery. A man and his two daughters were hiking in the Ulriken north facing foothills on the afternoon of 29 November 1970. This area is also known as Isdalen which means Ice Valley.

It is also known as Death Valley due to the many suicides and hiking accidents that took place here in the Middle Ages. They noticed something strange while they were working. It appeared to be a burning smell. One of the young girls found the burned body of a woman amongst the scree. The father and his daughters were shocked and afraid by the discovery and returned to their hometown to notify the police.

The police quickly began an extensive investigation. The police noticed that the woman was lying down in a supine posture, her hands resting on her stomach. They noticed that no campfires were within close proximity. The front and back of her body were badly burned, rendering her unrecognizable. They also found several other items.

These included a ring and two earrings, a watch and a matchbox. They found petrol traces in a fur hat and burned paper traces all around the body.

Two suitcases belonging to the woman were discovered at Bergen’s railway station a few days after the body was discovered. One of the suitcases contained money. A number of other items were also discovered, including maps, timetables and clothes. As with the body, any item that could identify the woman was removed.

An autopsy was performed and it was determined that the deceased female died from a combination poisoning with carbon monoxide, and incapacitation using phenobarbital. It was evident that she was still breathing when she was burnt. It was discovered that she had taken a few sleeping pills near her body.

Although a large media investigation was launched and several sketches were made to identify the woman, they never succeeded. Authorities determined that she had taken sleeping pills in order to kill herself. Many believe she was killed. 16 police officers attended her burial. Although the case was reopened in 2016, the identity of the woman remains unknown.

Isdal Woman Day’s purpose is to encourage people to conduct their own investigations and research into similar cases. The date of Isdal Woman Day is set by Death in Ice Valley, a Facebook Group. A series of podcasts with the same name have also been created to unravel the mysteries of Isdal Woman.

It is best to read about the Isdal Woman Day case, and many other cases where people are not yet identified. You can also investigate the Peter Bergman case and the Oslo Plaza Woman case. It is a good idea to investigate cases such as these.

It will be easy to search online for information about investigations and other related events. It’s worth digging deeper and doing your research. Many people have started podcasts or blogs that provide information about specific cases.

This can help raise awareness about cases such as these. Post messages on social media, or start your own blog posts to encourage others to investigate cases in which the remains of a deceased person are not identified or a death is surrounded by mystery. It’s important to do so. There are many families that don’t know what happened to their loved one.

You may also find charities that are set up for specific cases or Just Giving pages to help keep the investigation alive. So you might decide to fundraise or donate to these.


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