Italian Beef Week

Italian Beef Week

Chicagoans know that nothing is better than an Italian Beef Sandwich to end a great day at the stadium. You’ll be a true foodie and know that ordering it wet is not the best way to get it. Instead, order it ‘dipped’ and you will enjoy one of the best meals of your life. Italian Beef Week pays tribute to the history and importance of this delicious sandwich in the life and times of the Windy City.

Chicago’s history is rich in the story of the Italian Beef Sandwich. It has been a staple of Chicago’s culture for decades.

It all began with lean, tender beef, low in fat, and mixed with a variety of spices and seasonings. The delicious mixture is then spread between two slices Italian Bread, and served as desired.

As we said above, the best way to eat it is to dip it. You’re in for a treat if you have never tried a dipped Italian Beef sandwich. To properly consume an Italian Beef Sandwich, you must take the freshly dipped treat and hold it in your hands.

Place your elbows on the table and begin to lean over to eat. You will end up with your sandwich being soaked in rich au jus. Keep eating until the end, or your sandwich will crumble.

This is how to eat an Italian Beef Sandwich.

The best way to celebrate Italian Beef Week, is to get a delicious and fresh Italian Beef Sandwich. Are you not in Chicago? It’s not a problem. There are hundreds of online recipes that will show you how to make Italian Beef.


May 23 - 29 2025


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