Jewish Book Week

Jewish Book Week

Jewish people have a rich, long history of their unique culture. It can be hard to learn about the lives of Jewish people if you don’t know them. There are many holidays that exist for outsiders, like Hannukka. Jewish Book Week is a great time to read.

Jewish Book Week is organized annually by the Jewish Book Council. This registered charity dates back to 1925. The Jewish Book Council is one of the oldest organizations serving the Jewish community in America and Britain.

The idea for the organization was born around the same period as the holiday when Fanny Goldstein (a Boston Public Library librarian) set up an exhibition of Judaic books. This event was called Jewish Book Week. The event was adopted by many in the Jewish community two years later.

It coincided with Shavuot for the first fifteen years of its popularity, which was traditionally considered a scholar’s festival. The holiday was instrumental in the formation of the Jewish Book Council in 1943. This organization now serves the Jewish community on an even larger scale.

Although Jewish Book Week is celebrated all over the United States today, the UK’s most well-known event is unsurprisingly the one that takes place. The Jewish Book Week festival gathers writers and speakers who are experts in history, journalism and philosophy.

It includes Jewish writers who open up discussion about today’s pressing issues and allows the community to celebrate and learn more about the Jewish community.

Participate in any Jewish book Week that is near you. Learn about the Jewish speakers and authors at your local event. Take the time to understand the history of these people and to appreciate what it means being Jewish, regardless of whether you are Jewish.

You can also travel to London to attend the largest Jewish Book Week festival each year. Use the hashtag #JewishBookWeek to share the holiday with your friends and spread the word about this wonderful holiday.


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