Job Action Day

Job Action Day

A great man once said that satisfaction is the most important thing in a day’s worth of work. We all need to earn a living. However, no amount of money can replace the satisfaction of doing the job that we love.

LiveCareer’s Job Action Day reminds us of this and that we can always find the job that will take us forward.

Job Action Day was established to encourage job seekers to think out of the box and focus on finding a job that not only suits their goals but also pays the bills.

It is a common belief that people should pursue their passions when searching for work. They should find a job that brings them joy and fulfillment and not settle for less.

Realistically, this is not always the best approach. Great opportunities can be missed if you have a narrow focus.

LiveCareer suggests that you follow your passions and bring those to the job. You can find a way to bring your passion and love for a career into every job you do.

Martin Luther King said it best: If you’re called to do a job, do it well and you will be praised by others for being a great at what you do. Jaxen is an example. He knew right from the start that he wanted to drive a Zamboni.

Start by reviving your job search. Next, start looking for a suitable position. You should always look at all the options before you dismiss a job. If you are currently employed, you should focus on what makes you happy and how you can bring your passion to the job.


Jul 11 2024


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