Join Hands Day

Join Hands Day

Stories that matter to older generations are important. The society we live in is constantly being shaped by the experiences of younger generations. Combining the experiences of older and younger generations can provide insight and support for positive change.

Join Hands Day celebrates the many ways that these generations can join forces and bring joy and harmony into their communities.

America’s Fraternal Benefit Societies, in collaboration with Points of Light Foundation, founded Join Hands Day in 2000.

It was created to unite the older and younger generations. In ancient Greece and Rome, fraternities were first established. They offered financial assistance to members during sickness and death.

The Guilds of England were a model for fraternal benefits. Many trace their roots back to Civil War. The origins of American fraternal benefits are believed to have been in 1868.

In Pennsylvania, the Ancient Order of United Workmen was founded in this year. It attracted many members, and became an important part society for those in crisis.

Assured Life Association runs Join Hands Day today. It brings together youth from different fraternal groups. Assured Life Association provides life insurance, annuities and Medicare supplement insurance.

It participates in school scholarships, volunteering, as well as charities. Assured Life Association participates in many holidays every year, including Join Hands Day.

They are focused on organizing volunteer events and other activities. They help clean up the streets and make gifts for others. Join Hands Day is about connecting with people from all generations in the hopes of building lasting relationships and promoting change.

You can help organize an event in your area if you want to celebrate the holiday together. Help organize an event for students to visit an elderly home.

This day, communities come together to support one another through volunteering or charity work. You can help by cleaning up the environment, giving out books and supporting local charities. Remember to support those young and old in achieving a better tomorrow.


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