Juneteenth seems like a fun day, doesn’t it. This simple and lighthearted holiday sounds almost like it’s a joke. It’s a day when the nation’s last slaves were freed. People all over the country celebrate the day when freedom was achieved and another crime against humanity was canceled and put to right. This great event is celebrated on Juneteenth and celebrates the positive changes that have been made for America’s future.

Juneteenth is a significant date in American history and one of the last vestiges in American slavery. Texas was not involved in the Civil War. In fact, Texas’ slaves weren’t directly affected by the Emancipation Proclamation. People from all over the country had moved to Texas to escape the violence elsewhere. During this period, thousands of slaves arrived in Texas and it took a while for them to be freed.

Union General Gordon Granger read “General Order No. 3.” On June 19, Union General Gordon Granger read “General Order No. This means that former slave masters and slaves have absolute equality in personal and property rights, and the only connection between them is between employers and hired labor. Freedmen are instructed to remain at their homes and earn wages. They are told that they won’t be allowed to collect at military bases and will not receive any support for their idleness there or anywhere else.

Spend some time studying the history of your country, as well as the state of your nation. Also take the opportunity to visit the various celebrations taking place. African-Americans still have to fight for freedom. Every year, thousands are subjected to racism and persecution. Although great efforts have been made in order to alleviate this problem and promote understanding among people of all races, it is only by acknowledging the past and working together to improve the future that we can complete what began in 1865. Juneteenth is your chance to confront the racism in America and to do your part to end it.


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