Ken Day

Ken Day

You know Ken Carson is a dreamboat who occupies Barbie’s thoughts every day if you are a Barbie Girl. He was there long before she was born and supported her every step of the way, from a 50-year-old housewife to the self-sufficient businesswoman she is today. Ken Day recognizes Ken Carson’s contribution to Barbie and her Barbie World.

Ken Day commemorates the 1961 event when Barbie’s boyfriend and long-term partner, Ken Carson, made his debut on the scene. He was exhibited at a Mattel toy fair by Mattel. The romance flourished despite some harsh comments about his manliness, and more likely the suggestion that he was more concerned about his clothes than about his love life.

They had a brief split in the 1960’s but remained together until 2004. In a shocking move, Barbie broke up with Blaine Gordon, an Australian surfer, and announced that they were splitting.

Ken didn’t give up, however. He made publicized efforts to win her back in 2011, celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary. We are certain that Ken will win her back in the end. After all, he is the love of her life. It’s been a difficult road but all relationships have their struggles.

Ken Day is best celebrated with a good date or at the beach. A big hairdo and some polyester leisurewear are all you need. You don’t have to be Ken to wear your everyday dress. Instead, take the time to admire the woman or man you love. In spite of their many struggles, Ken and Barbie shared 50+ years together, which is a worthwhile goal for everyone.

You can take them out to buy them nice clothes, or dress them up in your finest. If you feel creative and a little bit kooky you could even create a whole evening dedicated to the time Ken and Barbie called home. Enjoy creative desserts made with jello and some of the most bizarre music from years past. Get out there, friends!


Mar 13 2025


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