Kids Music Day

Kids Music Day

Kids Music Day was created to celebrate the importance of music education in children’s lives. Music classes and related activities have long been proven to be beneficial for children’s academic and social development.

Kids Music Day’s purpose is not to make professional musicians, although that may happen for some. Kids Music Day’s true purpose is to give children the best chance for success in any career they choose.

Early music education is a key factor in the success of some of today’s most successful inventors, scientists, doctors, entrepreneurs, and businessmen.

Over 80 schools of music in 24 states hosted a promotion or community event to celebrate the first Kids Music Day, October 2016. On Friday, October 6, 2017, the second annual Kids Music Day took place. There were over 400 participating music schools and music retail stores in more than 40 US states and Canada.

On Friday, October 5, 2018, it is expected that more than 750 locations across the US, Canada, and the world will celebrate the 3rd Annual Kids Music Day. Teach Music Week is an annual event held during the third week of March by Keep Music Alive, a national non-profit.

2018 saw over 600 participating music schools in 10 countries, offering free lessons to all students (kids or adults).

Kids Music Day is a day that celebrates the importance of music education in children’s lives. Music schools, music retailers, and other music organizations are encouraged hold one or more local music events to celebrate.

Open houses, student music performances, community jams, and instrument donation drives have all been held. To encourage more students to sign up for music activities, public, charter and private schools are asked to host special events on that day.


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