Lei Day in Hawaii

Lei Day in Hawaii

May 1 is Lei Day in all islands of Hawaii.

The first celebration of Lei Day was held in 1927 at the bank of Hawaii to recognise Hawaiian culture. The following year in 1928 an article by Don Blanding was published in the local newspaper where the author encouraged everyone to join in the celebration and to wear necklaces of headpieces of the traditional floral garland, the Lei.

Traditionally the celebration begins in the morning at 9 a.m. The events last through the day and end at 5:30 p.m. The holiday is proceeded by the Lei Contest, that is held on May 2. Everyone can see the contest and appreciate the leis.

Each Hawaiian island has its special flower and the lei are made from the flower specific to each individual island. Leis of The Big Island are made of red blossoms of ohia tree. Pink Lokelani is the flower of Maui and O’ahu boasts llima, the golden flower.

The common celebration of Lei Day includes giving gifts of leis to one another. Schools participate by putting on plays and appointing Kings and Queens, who represent each island.


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