Loosen Up Lighten Up Day

Loosen Up Lighten Up Day

Each day is a new round in the rat race. Sometimes we get too caught up in it that we don’t take our responsibilities seriously. Things must be ‘just right’. If things go out of control, we can lose our minds. While precision and routine are useful in some situations, Loosen Up reminds us that we sometimes just need to relax and let go of the controllable aspects of life.

We’re quoting Ferris Bueller. It’s time to see Ferris Bueller‚Äôs Day Off if you haven’t. The entire movie is dedicated to the idea of Lightening up and Loosening Up and the wonderful things it can do for your life. Stress can be a killer. Trying to control situations that quickly spiral out of control is one way of adding it to your life. Instead, you can relax and let go of stress with Loosen Up Day.

These are words to live by. It’s the key for utter freedom, happiness, and joy. It doesn’t need to be difficult, it doesn‚Äôt have be so complicated, and it doesn‚Äôt have be so overwhelming. You can just open your hands to let it all go for a day, even if you only have one day.

It all begins with letting go. You can start the day by not worrying about getting late for work, but you can take it in your own pace and let them ding you if necessary. Don’t rush through traffic and drive casually. If someone cuts you off, just smile and carry on with your day. Let go of the things that drive you crazy and let them slide. Loosen Up, Lighten Up!


Nov 14 2024


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