Lost & Found Day

Humans have lost personal belongings and found others throughout recorded history. The emotions that accompany these events range from sadness to joy. It should not be surprising that Lost and Found Day was created to recognize the impact these situations had on our lives.

This event is not celebrated on a specific day (it varies from one location to the next), but it does not diminish its importance. The Lost and Found Day was created to encourage us all to return items we have found over the past year to those who lost them or are extremely concerned. It is also an opportunity to search for personal belongings that have been lost, and to end the frustration of being without what you need.

Although Lost and Found Day was announced officially on November 19, 2012, the idea of having a place people can go to recover items they have lost dates back to 1805 when Napoleon Bonaparte opened his first lost and found office in Paris. It was possible to bring objects found in the streets of the city, and anyone looking for them could visit the office to check if they had been taken in.

The concept has been widely adopted since then. Transport for London’s Lost Property Offices collect around 130,000 objects each year. These include mobile phones and wallets, but also more unusual and uncommon items like wedding dresses, urns containing the ashes of the deceased and wheelchairs.

There are many ways to celebrate this day. First, you can make it a point to find something that you have lost or have been doing without ever since. There’s no reason to. It’s a great place to look for missing items, and you might even find some other things that you forgot you had.

A good place to do a thorough inspection of is your dirty clothes bin. It’s messy and easy to forget things that end up there. You might be able to celebrate Lost & Found Day if you are able to find something that you haven’t missed, such as the sweater you found on the bus or the keys that were lying on the ground near your home. It might make someone’s day!

Although there is no guarantee we will be rewarded, it is not impossible to believe that our efforts will be recognized. Many believe that this is a reminder that decency and responsibility are essential in our world.

There are more than 7 billion people on Earth who need to come together to make the planet a better place. Lost & Found Day can be seen as both a moral event and a chance to give back, and hopefully receive.


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