Love your Burial Ground Week

Burial grounds, as well as churchyards, have been around for centuries and are often an integral part of the local community. A churchyard is a place where people can remember and honor loved ones. People who inherit the responsibility for tending to burial grounds are often responsible.

This is an honorable job but it can also be a difficult one. Love Your Burial Ground Week was created to assist those who are responsible for maintaining burial grounds and to strengthen the connections between churchesyards and communities.

Love Your Burial Ground Week is a great way to show support to the custodians who do a wonderful job. It also gives people an opportunity to learn about the history of their local churchyards, and participate in activities that celebrate and display the heritage of burial grounds.

Love Your Burial Ground Week used to be known as Cherishing Churchyards Week. This campaign was launched in 2013 and has seen events take place at multiple locations.

This celebration was intended to support those who are responsible for caring for burial grounds. But perhaps the most important aspect of the celebration is the tying of the churchyard to the local community.

The events were designed to allow local residents to learn more about the history and beauty of the burial ground as well as to be involved in maintaining it. The number of events has increased over the past decade and the variety of activities offered by local churches and charities seems to be increasing year after year.

Love Your Burial Ground Week is a week of education and fun for children and adults about the history and unique features of burial grounds.

Many people neglect to take the time and look around churchyards. While they may seem scary and should be avoided after dark, many of these beautiful and peaceful spots are actually quite beautiful.

You may have ever taken a tour through your churchyard, or wondered what it takes to keep a cemetery full of historic monuments and lichen-covered stones.

This may be an area you are interested in, or you might want to help those in charge. Love Your Burial Ground Week offers a unique opportunity to learn about the history of your area, meet new people, and explore churchyards from a different perspective.

Keep an eye out for events such as wildlife talks, history and nature trails and activities that are child-friendly like bug and insect catching and picnics. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to make new friends!

This is an opportunity to learn, explore and possibly make new friends for those who believed that burial grounds were unaccessible.


Jun 03 - 11 2024


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