Love Your Lawyer Day

Love Your Lawyer Day

Lawyers have been criticized for their work since before Shakespeare. Lawyers are often referred to as the sum of all evils and the subject of many unflattering metaphors. Over time, they have been the subject of some of the most famous jokes.

Lawyers serve other important functions. Lawyers can be helpful and beneficial to society when they are at their best.

This is why Love Your Lawyer Day was established!

Although codes of law are a well-known historical invention (remember the Jewish historian Moses), the Babylonian King Hammurabi from Mesopotamia is the first to codify law. This date back to the 18th century BC.

The Hammurabi Code, which consists of 282 laws, describes a range of everyday situations. It includes punishments for different crimes and wages for services like wagon driving or medical practitioners. These laws accounted for nearly half of all laws. Familial laws like divorce, sexual behavior and paternity issues accounted almost for a third.

A control was put in place to make sure the law was applied fairly. This was one of the most important laws in the grouping. A judge who is found guilty of incorrectly judging can be fined.

Modern codes of law today are more complex than ever. They include expectations for conduct of business and building codes. There is also a vast array of regulations that must be understood only with dedication and commitment to the law.

The complexity of codes of law has led to the rise in importance of lawyers, your friendly neighborhood lawyer. The job of a lawyer is to explain the law and how it affects the rights and obligations of both the government as well as the common man.

Lawyers are employed every day to represent people accused of crimes and those who are unable to defend themselves. They also work in all aspects of modern society. They assist in filing paperwork, applying for permits and licensing, building businesses, and drafting documents. Although they are often criticized, many people owe a lot to the masters of legal code.

This is why Love Your Lawyer Day was established in 2001. Nader Anise, an attorney from ALPIA (American Lawyers Public Image Association), had initiated a campaign called “No Lawyer Bashing or Jokes For a Day.”

ALPIA created this day to show appreciation and love for the most insignificant civil servants.

They ask for a one-day pause from all the lawyer jokes and subtle bashing around at the water cooler. Remember that people wouldn’t have anyone to help them navigate the complicated world of law without these legal warriors.

While lawyers can have a bad reputation it is often overlooked how many of them do good things for people.

Get ready to celebrate Love Your Lawyer Day

It’s easy to celebrate Love Your Lawyer Day. These are some ideas to get you started:

To honor lawyers on this day, the first thing a person can do is to stop telling lawyer jokes for at least one day. This shouldn’t be difficult! This will show legal professionals that they are loved and respected.

The American Lawyers Public Image Association is available to connect with Americans! They provide many resources and ideas to celebrate the day for lawyers and laypeople, as well as attorneys.

International Center for Nonprofit Law (ICNL) is another excellent resource for legal information. The International Center for Nonprofit Law (ICNL) works to protect the rights and needs of people all over the globe by providing a legal environment that allows them to work together to make significant improvements to their lives and freedoms. ICNL has over 35000 partners in over 100 countries. It aims to improve the legal environment and public participation of philanthropists around the world.

This deserves some love!

ALPIA recommends that people use this day to donate to any charity, local or international. Although many legal professionals give their time and effort to protect the innocent and poor, they could still use financial assistance to pay for various costs. In honor of Love Your Lawyer Day, consider donating to a charitable legal aid foundation.

If you are willing to go the extra mile, contact your lawyer (or any lawyer if they don’t exist) and tell them how much you appreciate what they do every single day. One phone call can remind them that the long hours they put in to justice don’t go unrewarded. They shouldn’t be charged for their time, even though you are saying thanks.

Sending a gift basket to someone you love is a great way to express your affection. Use Love Your Lawyer Day to show your appreciation for the help you have received from a legal professional.

They have probably given us more than we know!


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