Love Your Thighs Day

Love Your Thighs Day

Beauty industry is well-known for making a selective choice about what is beautiful. Women all over the globe are learning to love their bodies and accept the beauty in them. Love Your Thighs Day, a day that teaches you to love your thighs regardless of their appearance, is dedicated.

Love Your Thighs Day celebrates women of all sizes and shapes. It also kicks off the thigh chafing season. This day is for women to feel confident and ready to face the summer and hot spring ahead. Bandelettes is a company that makes women feel confident about their thighs.

Rena Abramoff, Julia Abasova and Julia Abasova launched Bandelettes in 2013. They are lace thigh bands with two strips of silicone that help to keep each band on the upper part of the thigh. This helps to avoid painful inner thigh chafing.

Rena and Julia founded their company just a few year ago from their personal experiences with thigh-chafing. The company has grown quickly and Bandelettes are a staple fashion item for women of all sizes and shapes to prevent painful thigh cramping.

Bandelettes can be worn underneath skirts or dresses to avoid painful friction and discomfort for women who have no thigh gap. Bandelettes can be purchased at Lane Bryant nationwide, have been featured in The TODAY Show and just completed their third NYFW runway presentation with Chromat.

This company is not the only one that aims to help women love their thighs. Love Your Thighs Day, however, is a day for celebrating your thighs and spreading body positivity. There are many people around the world who want to help women love their bodies, starting with their thighs.

You can celebrate Love Your Thigh Day by creating a love mantra that you and your friends will say. These love mantras are great for fighting the negative effects of the media and negativity in general. You can share the inspirational quotes and people who have helped you love your body on social media. Tag it with #loveyourthighsday so everyone knows what day it was. You can change your body by loving your thighs.


Apr 01 - 28 2023


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