Love’s Baby Soft Day

Love’s Baby Soft Day

Certain names in the cosmetics business are familiar to all of us. No matter if we have used the product ourselves or know someone who has, just the mention of the name brings back memories and images from our past. Love’s Baby Soft Day is a celebration of such a product or a line. This is the most feminine product ever made, and it was the first to have a line of products for adults. The campaign was all about the appeal of innocence, a return of scents that evoke youth and freshness. Baby Soft Talc, a foam bath and body lotion were the first products to go viral. It was all about womanhood. The smell, the look, and the smell were all key elements. The sleek packaging and pricing of Love’s Baby Soft made it easy for teenage girls to afford it. It was the foundation for those early days of discovering love and life, when you just wanted to be beautiful. They are still available and almost unchanged. They are sold by CVS, Discount Drug Marts, KMart Meijers Rite Aids Sears and Walmart. Love’s Baby Soft Day gives you the chance to look back at your past and embrace the future.


Jul 05 2024


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