Make Cut-Out Snowflakes Day

Make Cut-Out Snowflakes Day

In our early school years, it was a favourite activity and many families shared the project as a family holiday tradition. It was certain that it left behind a few small pieces of paper as thick as snow, but there was warmth from the creative process and the unique designs created by everyone.

Make Cut-Out Snowflakes Day encourages you to go back to the drawing board and make snowflakes that will last long after the last ice crystal has melted into water.

This art is actually very ancient and was created in Origami, specifically in a Kirigami variation. Although the process is similar, both art forms require the careful folding of a piece paper into the desired shape.

Kirigami involves folding the piece, then placing the cuts in the appropriate places. This is how snowflake cutting differs from Kirigami. You typically fold the piece and then unfold it to reveal your desired shape.

It’s hard to deny that each snowflake has a unique design. You can create one piece or many pieces of paper, then fold it over several times to make a string of intricately cut snowflakes.

This is Kirigami’s beauty. Make Cut-Out Snowflakes Day is an opportunity to get back into this art and make your own snowflake.

It all begins with understanding how to fold paper into a snowflake. This information is available on multiple websites as well as videos. It’s easy to get creative with your scissors, and see the results. You will soon be able create stunning holiday designs with practice.

It doesn’t end there. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, you can make intricate, lace-like heart streamers that will beautify your home as well as add romance to the holiday. Next, it’s time to make Easter bunnies and eggs! Make Cut-Out Snowflakes Day invites you to re-learn the art and carry it throughout the year.


Dec 27 2024


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