Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

You’ve likely noticed that there seem to be holidays for almost everything. These range from culturally significant ones like Christmas or Hannukah, to secular and silly ones like Office Supply Day.

You may have ever wondered if you could make your own holidays. Make Up Your Own Holiday Day was created to encourage you to do just that! We said there was a holiday to suit almost everything.

It is not surprising that Make Up Your Own Holiday Day was created by Wellcat and its founders Ruth Roy and Thomas Roy. These remarkable people created over 70 holidays on their own. They are all posted on the website and included in Chase’s Calendar of Events, McGraw-Hill.

They have shared so many joyous holidays with the world and created so many holiday memories, it’s perhaps not surprising that they decided to invite others to join the fun.

Many holidays are rooted in cultural and religious events. However, there is no doubt that they all started because someone wanted to celebrate something.

This celebration was shared with others who then shared it with others. An entire tradition was created simply because someone wanted to have some fun. Make Up Your Own Holiday Day allows everyone to share their joy about their favorite things with each other.

Holidays can be celebrated to honor movies, food, art, crafts, medical conditions, and many other topics. They can also serve as an opportunity for people to come together to discuss your favorite topic.

The first step in making your holiday memorable is deciding what it should be about. This can be done individually or with a group. Are there things that are important to you, or a group you belong to that don’t get enough attention? Do you feel it’s time for a holiday?

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day allows you to make others aware of this important cause. Do not let something important to you go unnoticed. Create a holiday and give it the attention it deserves.


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