Manatee Awareness Month

Manatee Awareness Month

Manatees are a beautiful creature. They are calm and patient and happily enjoy the wide variety of food that is available within their aquatic habitat. Manatees are loved and well-loved by visitors to the areas they live in. They also serve as a mascot and a draw for tourists. Manatees are not the only creatures who love the water. They can be harmed by their human admirers and find it difficult to get out of the way for speedboats. Manatee Awareness Month reminds people that manatees are not the only creatures living in watery spaces.

Manatees are gentle and kind creatures. However, they can’t keep up with speedboats, which often visit their home. Manatees are prone to having unpleasant interactions in the watery environment they live in. Speedboat propellers can cause them great harm. Even those who love them and try to protect them, they can still chew their backs.

Overzealous tourists can feed manatees and ride them. However, this can cause disruptions in the natural daily life of manatees and affect their ability to survive. Manatee Awareness Month aims to raise awareness about these amazing creatures and show how you can live with them. A future without manatees is indeed a sad one.

Manatee Awareness Day can be spent loving and appreciating the gentle sea cow, manatee. If manatees are found in your area, you can help educate others about how to interact with them.

Although few people would wish to cause them harm, these friendly and large creatures can often be attracted to those who are well-informed.

You can also learn online, visit your local library and even collect money to support these beautiful creatures if you don’t live near them.


Nov 01 - 30 2024


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