Like the idea of “Movember”, Manuary allows men to grow their facial hair. It’s all for a purpose, and for a good cause.

Since the beginning of time, men have grown beards. Charles Darwin believed that beards were related to survival of the fittest. He suggested that men with beards were more attractive than women and therefore more likely to procreate. Darwin was well-known for his long beard. Perhaps this was his way to show that women loved him.

Manuary, a portmanteau is a word that combines the sounds and meanings from other words. It seems that it has its origins back to 2010, when it was created by students at Brentwood School in British Columbia.

Brentwood is a boarding school for boys. They wanted to take part in Movember despite the fact that it was against their strict dress code. The school refused to allow them to participate in Movember. However, students petitioned for a new holiday month that had a similar theme and named it Manuary.

Manuary was first celebrated at the school in 1996. It has gained popularity and recognition elsewhere. Manuary is a way to grow facial hair and raise money for a good cause. It has been often associated with the fight against neck and head cancer. There are a few charities that support cancer patients and work tirelessly to find a cure.

It’s time for you to start growing a mustache, beard, or goatee to honor Manuary. Or, at the very least, to use this time to raise awareness and funds to fight head- and neck cancers.

You don’t have to be a celebrity to celebrate Manuary. There are many ways to get involved in Manuary. These are some ideas to pay attention to Manuary.

Manuary is the perfect time for men who want to grow their beards. It is usually very cold outside so January seems like the perfect month to hibernate and stay warm. Why bother shaving? You can save money and still support a worthy cause.

You can have a beard-growing contest with your friends this Manuary. Students might like to challenge their frat houses to see who can grow the best beard.

It is very easy to host a beard contest. It is easy to organize a beard contest. Participants should shave on January 1, and then judge who has the most facial hair at the end of the month. You might consider offering prizes for specific styles, such as sideburns, mustaches, and goatees depending on how many people participate. It doesn’t matter who wins it, it’s fun and helps a good cause.

January can be a dark and long month. So, make it a Manuary-based month by enjoying some TV shows featuring men with amazing facial hair! Even if the film isn’t perfect sometimes forgiveness can be a big help when there is a great facial hairstyle. These films are a good place to start:

Manuary’s most important task is to spread the word about specific types of cancer. While most people believe that cancer will eventually strike other people, early detection is crucial in the fight against it.

Manuary is a great opportunity to remind men in your life to schedule a checkup with their doctor and to ask for screenings for cancer. This is especially important for men who are older or have higher risk factors of certain cancers.

Manuary’s most important aspect is to remember that it is manly to help others. People who are fighting to save their lives from cancer should be supported. These charities might be a good choice for those who wish to honor Manuary with a donation.


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