Marine Mammal Rescue Day

Marine Mammal Rescue Day

The peak season for animal rescue on the west coast is spring, when there are many cases of malnutrition and illness. The busy Pinnipedia season sees marine mammal rescue organizations along the Pacific coast prepare for the birth of Northern Elephant Seals. Next comes the pupping season when Harbor Seal pups and Sea Lion pups are born in mid- to late June. Guadalupe Fur Seals as well as Northern Fur Seals can also be found along the Pacific coast. The Sea Otter, too.

Also, cetaceans need to be protected from injury and illness. All aquatic life is affected by pollution, illegal fishing gear, and marine debris.

Good stewardship of the planet must include the largest part, the ocean and its inhabitants. The ocean has been polluted by the actions and inactions of humans. Global climate change has caused oceans to warm and changed the way fish swim. Many young marine mammals are not strong enough for long and deep dives to catch the fish they require. All aquatic life is affected by illegal fishing gear, pollution, litter, and other harmful practices.


Apr 27 2025


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