Marzipan Week

Marzipan Week

Niederegger is the world’s leading marzipan brand. They created Marzipan Week. They were founded in Northern Germany in 1806 and have hosted a Marzipan Week since then. This week is solely about celebrating all things marzipan. Marzipan cocktails can be made, or you can make marzipan figurines. We’ll show you some examples below. You can also enjoy delicious marzipan cakes, patisseries, and other crafts.

Marzipan is a mix that has a candy-like taste. This is made by mixing ground almonds with egg yolks, corn syrup, sugar, and other ingredients. Because it is often used in Christmas baking, it is commonly associated with this ingredient. It can also be enjoyed throughout the year. There are many desserts and cakes that call for it, so Marzipan Week is the ideal time to enjoy this sweet and delicious treat.

Two stories exist about the origins of marzipan. It’s not true that either one is incorrect or the other is correct. The stories could actually be complementary. Because there have been culinary influences on the Mediterranean and trade with it. Another source claims that marzipan is from China. It is believed that the recipe spread to the Middle East from here and eventually reached Europe.

According to the Niederegger website they believe that marzipan was introduced by the Orient lands. According to them, Rhazes, a Persian physician who was born in 855, wrote a book that he praised the combination of sugar and almonds for treating ailments.

Marizpan Week can be observed by making your own marzipan. Here’s a simple vanilla marzipan recipe that will help you get started.

First, you will need to grab a large bowl and combine the sugars and almonds. Then, you should rub the vanilla seeds together until they are even.

In the middle of the mixture, make a well. Add the egg yolks and citrus juice. You can use a knife to separate the dry ingredients from the wet.

Dust your surfaces with icing sugar. Use your hands to mix the marzipan mixture. Once it is incorporated, use your hands to form a smooth dough. You should not overdo this as it can cause the mixture to become greasy. You can add more icing sugar if it seems too dry.

Form the mixture into a ball. You can wrap it in plastic and let it cool down until you’re ready to use it for covering a cake.

Marzipan can be made up to two days ahead.

Marzipan Week offers many different activities. We have already suggested that you make marzipan. What else can you do to honor this delicious treat?


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