Math 2.0 Day

Imagine how the world was once viewed. Although math was important, it wasn’t something that you could earn a living from. The rising tide of technology was also considered a fad. Math 2.0 Day reminds us of the fact that technology is here to stay.

Math 2.0 Day celebrates the merging of technology and mathematics. Many of us didn’t like math. We spent the whole period staring at equations, wondering who the hell created these paper torture chambers. We realized, however, that math is absolutely essential in modern society. We have answers for those who are curious about math and how it is used in their daily lives.

Programmers deal every day with mathematics because it is the foundation upon which all computer operations are built. Even the most basic program requires knowledge of everything from quadratic equations to the order of operations. Scientists are the most frequent users of mathematics. They use it to calculate the statistical variance of their data and to determine how much to add in their chemistry experiment.

It is assumed that you own a house, operate a car or use a computer. Engineers are responsible for making these things work. In the case of the house especially, they use math to make sure it doesn’t collapse on you. Math 2.0 Day celebrates all of these mathematical heroes, and many more.

You probably have old math books from college lying around if you are like us. We recommend that you open them up and go through them again. You may have developed an interest in those dance numbers over the years. If you are not a math whiz, you should stop by math people every day to thank them for their hard work.


Aug 07 2024


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