May Measure Month

The No. 1 contributing risk factor for global death is raised blood pressure causing strokes, heart attacks and other cardiovascular complications.

10 million lives are lost each year needlessly due to raised blood pressure.

Only half of people with high blood pressure, know it, these deaths are preventable and that’s the real tragedy, we want to change this – and have made a great start.

May Measure Month (MMM) is a global awareness campaign led by the International Society of Hypertension (ISH), which represents the world’s leading scientists, clinicians, health care providers and allied health care workers, all with a common interest in hypertension (high blood pressure) research.

Launched in May 2017, MMM put the spotlight on increasing access to blood pressure screening as potentially the most effective way to reduce hypertension’s adverse toll on health.

Volunteers in more than 100 countries screened people in cities, towns, and villages as part the largest FREE public blood pressure screening exercise the world has ever seen. All participants left us knowing their blood pressure and anyone who registered as hypertensive was given advice about what they need to do next.

Wondering about your own blood pressure and general fitness? One way to take control is to use one of the many fitness trackers available on the market such as the new Fit Bit. Use 24/7 heart rate to better track calorie burn, optimise workouts and uncover health trends that inspire you to make moves on your health and fitness goals.


May 01 - 31 2025


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