Men’s Grooming Day

Men’s Grooming Day

Male grooming is frowned upon. It’s not acceptable for men to look unkempt, smelly or scruffy in modern society. Men, it’s time to get on board! Salons, hairdressers and beauty parlors often cater especially to men on this day with offers, education, and special consideration.Founded and sponsored by American Crew, a company dedicated to redefining what it means to be a well-groomed man, this day was created as a reminder for men to spruce up their grooming practices and take care of themselves!Paying heed to this day can mean as much or as little as an individual wants! These are some ideas to celebrate Men’s Grooming Day. Men who only need a quick haircut can go to a barber. You might also be offered a hot towel shave. A salon is the best place to go for a more precise haircut (with scissors) or other types of grooming (like a man-icure). A lot of salons also offer spa services, so you might consider adding a little massage to your routine. This is a great opportunity to have a conversation about grooming with your man. Men’s Grooming Day is the ideal time to suggest that your man get a trim or a haircut. You can help your boys learn how to care for their bodies as they grow up.


Aug 19 2024


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