Men’s Health Week

On the 13th-19th June the world celebrates Men’s Health Week. This is a time to bring awareness to health issues that affect men disproportionately and focuses on getting men to become aware of problems they may have or could develop, and gain the courage to do something about it.
Our message to men
It’s a simple one: it’s time for your MOT.

Take notice of what’s going on in your body and mind.
Do the Forum’s quick and easy DIY Man MOT
Get yourself a copy of the CAN DO manual which will also be online soon, a FREE download manual collecting together all the great ideas our Men’s Health Champions have had for things we can all do to boost our mental wellbeing. (If you’d like to train to be a champion in time for Men’s Health Week, you can sign up here for the June Men’s Health Champions course.)
Dig a bit deeper with our existing Man MOT manuals: Man MOT and Man MOT for the Mind.
Get an NHS Health Check
Go and see your GP or use NHS 111 if you’re concerned about any symptoms

This Men’s Health Week, it’s time for your MOT.
Our message to our partners

Encourage the men you work with to give themselves an MOT by sharing the messages above. The resource pack with social media, posters and shares is a FREE download here.
Get hold of copies of our Man MOT and Man MOT for the Mind manuals
Schedule our popular Man MOT training for your group, workplace or organisation.
Consider training up Men’s Health Champions to empower men in your organisation or group to have healthy conversations about health.
Join our campaign for a men’s health strategy
If you already offer a service like blood pressure testing or an online tool like the NHS’s What’s Your Heart Age app or Prostate Cancer UK’s Risk Checker, then consider using the campaign to encourage more men to use it.


Sign up below and watch this space for more news. Follow the links at the top of the page for all the posters, shares and freebies from previous Men’s Health Weeks.

Each year Men’s Health Week becomes bigger and more well-known, so if you’re a man that wants to do more, or a woman that wants to inform a man you love about it, then get spreading the word! The more well-known the week becomes, the more men will feel like it’s OK to talk about their health issues and not just push them to the side and ignore health problems away!

You can help Men’s Health Week out by going to the Mens Health Forum website and sign up to spread the word, or donate to their cause!

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