Mountain Day

Mountain Day

Mountain Day is a great day to get out in nature and enjoy its beauty.

Officials in Japan declared that Mountain Day would be celebrated and promoted in Japan on May 23, 2014. The day’s purpose is simple: to learn more about the mountains and all the blessings they bring.

Although the law was passed in 2014, it wasn’t implemented until 2016. It was a grassroots movement made up of outdoor and mountain supporters. The Japanese Alpine Group also lobbied for the law to be implemented. On the first day of celebration, there was a National Ceremony for Mountain Day at Kamikochi, Matsumoto, Nagao.

One argument in favor of the bill was that Shinto beliefs, which have deeply shaped Japan’s culture, taught that mountains and peaks should always be celebrated as an integral part of nature.

Mountain Day is a fitting tribute to such a place, as approximately 70% of Japan’s landmass is mountainous. Mount Fuji is Japan’s most famous mountain and the highest at 3,776m at its peak. It is also one of three “holy mountains”.

It was decided to keep August 11 as the date, even though it had been taken off by local authorities. The date is appropriate and fitting, however, as many people have noticed the Japanese numeral 8 for August, when written in Japanese, looks like a mountain and the 11 number appears to be two trees.

Mountain Day is celebrated by enjoying the beauty of nature and taking advantage of all that it offers. These are some ideas to celebrate Mountain Day.

If you love the mountains, grab some friends and start climbing! This is the perfect day to improve your skills, no matter how advanced or novice. It could be a quick hike for half a day or a week of backpacking across rough terrain and scaling seemingly impossible walls. Mountain Day can be anything you like!

For those who don’t feel like climbing? They can simply drive to the foothills or enjoy a picnic along the scenic route.

Whether it’s the Rocky Mountains or the Himalayas or the Andes or the Alps – every continent has its mountain ranges that add texture to the landscape. Mountain Day is a great time to appreciate these wonderful and unique aspects of nature.

You might find it difficult to get to the mountains if you have a job or are far from home. Instead, try watching a story about nature and the mountains. These movies might help you celebrate Mountain Day.

The best way to celebrate Mountain Day is to travel to Japan to see this stunning mountainous country. Mount Fuji is not the only Holy Mountain. Mount Tateyama, Mount Haku and Mount Tateyama are the other Two Holy Mountains. There are over 18,000 mountains in Japan. This small archipelago country is filled with beauty and opportunities to enjoy the natural world.

Some charities were created in an effort to repair the damage done to mountains by tourism, sports and human development. It is an easy way to participate in Mountain Day and to make a donation to a charity that supports sustainability of mountain ecosystems.


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