Mouthguard Day

You are likely to know something about mouth guards if you are a sports enthusiast. Although the primary purpose for mouth guards is to prevent active athletes from losing their teeth, there are many other reasons Mouth Guards can be worn. Mouth Guard Day is a celebration of these amazing inventions and the beautiful smiles that they have protected over the years.

Although the origins of the mouthguard are not known, it is certain that boxing was the most likely place where they were created. Pugilism, which has been popular for hundreds of years and even thousands of year, is not a narrowing of the matter.

These fighters’ teeth have been protected by everything, from tape and resin to wood and leather over the years. One Woolf Krause, an American dentist, created a mouthguard made of gutta-percha (a natural resin) in 1892. This mouthguard was not reusable and had to be reapplied after each fight.

Phillip Krause, Krause’s son, went one step further with his invention and developed a reusable version which would be the standard for design for many decades. Since then, mouth guards have been an essential part of every sportsperson’s kit.

They found many uses for the technology as they advanced.

It’s not difficult to celebrate Mouth Guard Day. However, it can be a reminder to buy a new one if yours has been a while. If you are an active sportperson, have you not used a mouthguard as part of your daily routine?

Are you a grindr? Call your dentist to make an appointment for a mouth guard.


May 09 2025


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