Move More Month

Every April, the American Heart Association promote Move More Month. Its aim is to encourage all Americans to take part in more physical activity and to endeavour to do so on a more regular basis incorporating it in to your daily routines.

In previous years the campaign was known as National Walking Day but was expanded in order to highlight the importance of physical activity over a longer period of time, thus raising more awareness of the health benefits and risks associated with inactivity and poor physical health. Even if you have not participated in physical activity for a long time, the month long awareness campaign encourages people to take first steps back to fitness or for those of you (not me) who enjoy regular exercise it encourages you to do more and assist others to get involved.

Some tips to get you started:

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes

Make time and plan- be consistent with your approach

Don’t aim too high

Get back on track – don’t be disheartened if you cant stick to your plan. Try again!

Celebrate your success!

With information on the official website about getting active and more importantly staying motivated, this is a fantastic opportunity to meet people, raise awareness and funds but most importantly get a little bit fitter!

You can become involved on your own or as part of your community, school, business or organisation. Lets all try and be #healthyforgood and quite simply MOVE MORE!


Apr 01 - 30 2025


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