MS Awareness Week

MS Awareness Week 2022 will run from 25 April – 1st May. It’s a chance to raise awareness of multiple sclerosis, and spread the word. #LetsTalkMS.

MS can be tough, and for many people talking about it can be challenging. Whether you’re opening up to a friend after being newly diagnosed, or finding the right words to describe symptoms to an employer. Sometimes it feels easier not to say anything at all.


That’s why this MS Awareness Week we’re saying #LetsTalkMS.

We’ll give you the tools to feel confident about speaking up. And share stories of how others found their voice. With your help, we’ll create lots of buzz on social media and in the press.

Breaking the silence around MS

We’re running a survey to explore how people with MS feel talking about their condition. We know it’s different person to person. And factors like your culture, age, where you live or attitudes from friends and colleagues can all play a part.

We’ll use the results to speak up for our MS community during MS Awareness Week. Will you help?

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