Museum Selfie Day

Museum Selfie Day

Museums can be a wonderful way to learn more about history and art, and they are great fun for families and friends. Sometimes, however, museums won’t allow photos so it can be hard to remember the good times. Museum Selfie Day is one way to solve this problem. Let’s take a look at Museum Selfie Day, a day that combines selfies and museums to create a wonderful cultural experience.

Museum Selfie Day blends the rich history of the world and the modern trend of taking selfies. Mar Dixon, who is a project coordinator and a passionate museum enthusiast, created this campaign in 2015. According to CNN, she came up with the idea after visiting many museums with her daughter. She also thought it would be a way to highlight the people and memories associated with museums. The campaign has been adopted by many museums around the world via Instagram and Twitter. It is now part of the global cultural phenomenon known as the internet culture. Dixon has also been involved in several other projects, such as Teens in Museums and MuseumCamp.

She doesn’t have a background in art and museums, but she is a strong advocate for it. Museum Selfie Day is one of the ongoing campaigns that allows people to be creative and funny with their selfie-taking abilities. Although most museums prohibit the taking of photos, this day allows you to have fun in the museum and get featured alongside famous works of art. It encourages people to have fun and emphasizes the importance in enjoying art, science, photography, archaeology, and other forms art in museums.

It’s easy. You can take selfies with family and friends when the date arrives. Some museums might not be aware of the date, so make sure to check with the front desk before you go in to confirm that cameras are permitted. Be creative with your selfies. Try making strange faces. Add funny captions. You might even apply filters. Post it to whatever media platform you choose and use #MuseumSelfie to let the world know what you have created. It’s about having fun and being happy. Many people participate in this day, so why not?


Jan 18 2025


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