Mustache March

Mustache March

Mustache March is here!

An annual observance that takes place every year in March to honour Air Force Legend Robin Olds. A triple ace with a high profile career and personal life, the Brigadier General also had a very distinguishable mustache! Despite strict Air Force regulations that stated servicemen had to be clean shaven, Mr Olds grew the mustache as a gesture of defiance against what he saw as dogmatic rules, targets and fighting the war. A prominent figure in the Air Force and later in public life, many service men would support him by growing a mustache throughout March.

Since 2014 Mustache March has become a Major Air Command (MAJCOM) sanctioned fundraising competition where servicemen grow their best facial hair, join a parade and have their efforts judged to honour the hero Robin Olds. Money is raised throughout March and donated to charities.

Although well intentioned, this observance has become open to criticism in recent years by some who suggest it is an out of date gesture that could be seen as sexist, particularly within the Air Force.




Mar 01 - 31 2025


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