Nail Day

This is the day to be a nail enthusiast if you love intricate details and bright colors. Nail Day is an annual day that celebrates acrylic and fake nails. Fake nails have been around for a while and have evolved over the last decade. Since then fake nails have become all the rage among fashion-conscious people who want to be in the forefront of the latest trends. If you are interested in celebrating this fashion-forward holiday, read on and find out about its amazing history.

Elegant Touch from the UK founded Nail Day. They create false nails in a variety of sizes and colors so that everyone can have the best looking nails possible. Elegant Touch claims that the company was started by Simon, a pharmacist who sold acrylic nails and nail tips. He saw the potential to revolutionize nail care. He saw the potential in acrylic nails and wanted to create a product that would require less time in the salon and more commitment.

Elegant Touch is now one of the most well-known companies in the UK to sell and develop fake nails. They offer a wide range of sizes and colors to choose from, making them one of the most sought after companies. Elegant Touch created this holiday in honor of their love for nails. They hope to provide a reason to people to get a manicure and have fun. They are always on the cutting edge of trends, and they want to inspire others by letting their customers express themselves through the latest trends.

Elegant Touch says that you can participate by sharing your favorite nailfie on any social media platform using the hashtag #NailDay. Elegant Touch encourages you to create your own nailfie and is open to all ideas. You can host a nail salon party at home, invite your friends to take photos, and let them be creative. Send your photos to your social media friends, and let them know what day it’s today.


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