Name Tag Day

Name Tag Day

The world we live in is home to well over seven trillion people. This means that we are constantly surrounded by other people. It is a sad fact that many people can feel isolated, out of place, and even anonymous in the bustle of daily life. Nametag Day has done everything it can to end this problem since its inception. It allows all of us to visually say “Look at me!” and the rest of the world.

Name Tag Day allows many people to wear a nametag to work, shop, or to visit a new place every year. Some tags are very simple, while others are more complex and well worth the effort. It is all about connecting with people who have gone their separate ways. What better way to introduce yourself to the world than to use a unique and beautiful name tag?

Name Tag Day was founded many years ago by Jerry Hill, an onomatology enthusiast. He realized that names weren’t getting enough recognition because of the vital role they play every day in our lives.

Hill’s fascination for names began years ago, as a child. Name Tag Day isn’t just a day. It’s a part of a week called Celebrate Your Name Week (CYNW). This week is dedicated to honoring the names that our parents gave us and learning more about their origins.

It is almost as easy to call someone by their first name than to refer to them using Mr. or Mrs. Not to mention the third-person ways people older and more powerful than us are addressed in another language. Freud said that a person’s name is an integral part of their person. It is therefore more personal to call them by their first name.

Knowing each other’s names would make the world a friendlier and more open. It will also increase trust and safety among others. Imagine being able to walk down the street and sit in the cafeteria at lunch knowing the name of the person you are talking to. It’s a lovely thought.

This is why you should not only wear your nametag on Name Tag Day, but also encourage others to do so. This fun initiative is sure to bring people closer together at work or school. Make sure to remember all the names you learn the next day.

You could also get your friends and family to research the history of your names. This will help you determine how they evolved over time, as well as which historical figures might have shared them. Name Tag Day will be educational and change your perception of yourself and others.


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