Name Your PC Day

Name Your PC Day

They are your best friend and they will keep you connected with family and friends, work, and the happenings in the world. Sometimes they just need some love and other times they simply need to be acknowledged for who they really are. Your PC is just like your car. It has its own personality and deserves a name. You have the chance to finally name your PC on Name Your PC Day.

The History of Name Your PC Day goes back as far as the history of any object that we have ever owned or named. It could be the first sword to bear a name, or a ship that was christened by a broken bottle of champagne. These are the people we live with every day. They make our lives possible, and get us to work every day. Our PC’s today are just as important in getting us to work than our cars were once. We should take this opportunity to recognize them for their contributions.

What name should you give your digital friend? There are many ways to name your digital companion, some based on the purpose of your computer. A computer that is primarily used for research or writing? It could be a huge beast with reams and reams upon reams unpublished stories, reports and information. Maybe you should call your computer “Alexandria”. Perhaps your PC is a reservoir of gaming power that has been prepared and tuned to maximize every digital path it takes. You can name it “Rocket” and “Excalibur”, or even “Rocket”. This is your chance to unleash your creativity and come up with a name for your favorite digital vehicle.

You can celebrate Name Your PC Day by naming your computer! Spend some time thinking about it and talking to your friends. It never hurts to ask others who live near you. It’s possible for your partner to suggest that you name it something that implies your other lover. It would seem difficult to go wrong with a neutral gender name such as Roxanne, wouldn’t it?


Nov 20 2024


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