National Absinthe Day

National Absinthe Day

Since centuries, absinthe is a favorite drink among artists and aristocrats. This controversial drink is also known as The Green Goddess or The Green Lady. It was believed to aid in creativity and help artists and writers.

National Absinthe Day is a day to celebrate strong alcoholic drinks. It focuses on the history and legacy of Absinthe and encourages adults to take a few sips.

It is unclear when exactly absinthe was first made and started to be used. The drink was created using wormwood leaves and extracts. It may be a result of ancient Greek medicinal remedies. According to legend, absinthe was first created as a cure-all remedy. It was patented by Dr. Pierre Orginaire in France around 1792.

This concoction would be sold throughout Europe in the years to come as a medical elixir. In 1797, the first absinthe distillery was established in Couvet (Switzerland). Pernod Fils was the name of the makers at that time. They sold the most well-known brand of absinthe up to 1914 when it was banned in France.

French soldiers in 1840s France were given absinthe to prevent malaria. They brought with them their love for the drink when they returned home. Absinthe became a popular drink among all classes of society. Mass production enabled absinthe to be cheaper and became one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in France.

This drink’s high alcohol content was one reason it was banned in many countries by the 1900s. It was believed to have caused trouble and dissidence in society, with the accusation that it caused violence and disorder. However, it wouldn’t be allowed to be consumed again until the latter part of the 20th century. Even then, most countries placed restrictions on the hallucinogenic contents of the drink so that it could be reintroduced to society.

Absinthe is often called a “liqueur”, but it isn’t sweetened. This makes it a “distilled spirit”. Some people find it bittersweet and strong.

It’s important that you remember that National Absinthe Day is only for legal drinkers, but there are many fun ways to celebrate this bizarre drink. These are some ways to celebrate:

Absinthe should be enjoyed moderately – it is strong!

It is a French tradition to serve it with a sugar cube on a spoon. Place the spoon over a small stemware glass, which has been already filled with absinthe. The sugar cube is then covered with ice cold water.

This is also known as the “absinthe drip”. This bitter and extremely strong beverage is made easier by the sweetness of the sugar cubes and the dilution.

Absinthe was a popular drink among artists and writers in the late 1800s. These famous artists may have used absinthe in their creative process, or at least mentioned it in their art.

Even if absinthe is too strong to be consumed by itself, you can mix it with other drinks. There are many tasty combinations of flavors that can be made using the green beverage. Here are some Absinthe mixed drinks suggestions:

Absinthe was first used by artists in France to promote their creativity. A great way to honor National Absinthe Day, is to enjoy a lot of creativity in your own life!

It could be as simple as exploring watercolors or sketchbooks, learning a musical instrument or developing an idea for a game. Of course, the final product doesn’t matter. Even if you don’t share the final result with anyone else, the purpose of the exercise is to be more creative, stretch our minds, and have fun. Enjoy National Absinthe Day safely and responsibly, as always.


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