National Absurdity Day

National Absurdity Day

Ever wonder why humans created this strange and fascinating creature, the clown? Have you ever looked at the art in museums and wondered how ridiculous it all is? National Absurdity Day celebrates the absurd. This is the day to get crazy, make your life more interesting, and look into artistic movements.

In the aftermath of World War II, the threat of nuclear warheads and the horrors of Nazi concentration camps led to the birth of the Absurdist movement. Absurdists are closely connected to philosophy like existentialism or nihilism. They believe that while there may be meaning, it is impossible to know. Therefore, they explore this ideology by creating absurd meaning in everything. Theater in the Absurd was the first stage of this movement. Jean Genet and Samuel Beckett created theatrical works that explore the absurd. Today, the Absurdist movement continues to be active. Many parts of the globe have artistic expression and theatrical performances that match these ideas.

National Absurdity Day will be celebrated every year. This is a day for having lots of fun and not to engage in philosophical discussions about ideas or movements. National Absurdity Day encourages you to find humor in everyday life. It also allows you, as an individual, to create art and perform in a way that is not consistent with the norms of a structured society. This day is not meant to be a way for you to break any rules, especially ones that could affect your future. While caution is advised, it’s important to remember that silly can have a fun effect on everyone.

How do you celebrate a holiday dedicated solely to the absurd? Wear a funny costume and meet people. You can create abstract meme art online and share it on your favorite forums. You can cook food that isn’t supposed to taste good, but it will still be delicious! Poetry that references the great artists of the past and mocks their ideologies is a good way to go. Use the hashtag #absurdityday to let your friends know you are up for some silly fun.


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