National Acadian Day

National Acadian Day

Many people believe that Canadians are all ‘Canadians’ and that French spoken in Canada is the same as French. However, this is not true! Canada was not one colony. It had two. One of them was the Acadian region. National Acadian Day is a celebration of these people and their culture to this day.

Acadia was comprised of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. It also included parts of Quebec and Maine. Acadia was an independent colony that existed apart from Canada, which eventually became Canada. They even had their own French dialect! There are still remnants of 17th Century French, but they don’t exist except in books or the language of Acadian regional speakers!

While most people are familiar with Louisiana and the Cajun culture, few people realize that the Cajuns’ roots can be traced back to Acadian refugees who fled the British during Acadia’s 1710 conquest. After 45 years of conflict, the British and French began massive deportations when Acadians were discovered fighting them. Many of the 11,500 Acadians deported found their way to Louisiana.

They returned to France with the rest, and many others went back to Louisiana or New Brunswick. Through all these hardships and histories, the Acadian people survived and today, National Acadian Day celebrates and honors their culture, heritage, and history.

You’re likely to be the first person to have heard of Acadia or the French Colony. Now that you have learned about them, it is time to explore more about them. Le Grand Derangement (or the Great Expulsion) can be read. It took place right after the Battle of Fort Beausejour.

You would be surprised to learn that the Spanish allies had secretly transported them. The French King was furious and they had to keep their willingness of helping them secret. Acadian history is filled with intrigue, trial, heroism, and subterfuge. They also have a persistence that ensured they would continue to live into the future. National Acadian Day offers a wonderful opportunity to learn more about these remarkable people.


Aug 15 2024


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