National ADHD Awareness Month

National ADHD Awareness Month

ADHD can sometimes be misdiagnosed or overdiagnosed. ADHD is a multifaceted disorder that can cause severe problems in the life of people. ADHD is a persistent disorder that affects many people. National ADHD Awareness Month was established to educate the public about ADHD and to provide guidance on what to do if you suspect you may have problems focusing, hyperactivity or impulse impatience.

National ADHD Awareness Month was established in 2004 by a coalition of several organizations, including ACO, CHADD, and ADDitude magazine. The U.S. Senate declared ADHD Awareness Day a national holiday in 2004. Since then, the length of the month has been extended from a single day to a full month. This gives people many opportunities to learn more about ADHD and to find resources to help them manage it. ADHD was not known before this holiday, and many people who experienced these symptoms didn’t know how to manage it.

According to the National ADHD Awareness Month main site, ADHD can cause many problems, including difficulties in school, relationships, work productivity, and problems with the law. The National ADHD Awareness Month, which is operated by coalition members, aims to provide resources such as information websites, ADHD stories to download, videos and recordings about why people need to pay attention to ADHD. These symptoms are common in America, with more than 17 million people experiencing them. Treatment is not mandatory and encouraged.

You or a friend may be suffering from ADHD. The National ADHD Awareness Month website has resources that can help you diagnose and treat this disorder. For more information and to hear stories from people with ADHD, visit one of the member websites. Use the hashtag #adhdawarenessmonth on social media to share this holiday and spread awareness about ADHD.


Oct 01 - 31 2024


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