National Administrative Professionals Day

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National Administrative Professionals Day

Administration is a vital role in every company. They handle appointments, speak with customers and manage paperwork. They keep everything moving and organized, which is something most people cannot do on a daily basis.

But, they are often overlooked and don’t realize the importance of their work. National Administrative Professionals Day is a day to recognize those who work in secretarial, administrative, or other positions for their companies.

On this day, secretaries, receptionists and assistants are recognized for their hard work in representing their companies. National Administrative Professionals Day coincides with Administrative Professionals Week, which is also dedicated to people working in administration.

Although secretaries have existed since the industrial revolution began, the desire to show appreciation for administrators dates back to World War II. The National Secretaries Association was established in 1942 in order to recruit potential workers into the field.

The holiday’s origins are believed to have been created by multiple industry professionals, including Mary Barrett (former president), C. King Woodbridge (president of Dictaphone Corporation), and Harry F. Klemfuss (PR executive at Young & Rubicam).

Charles Sawyer, U.S. Secretary for Commerce, declared that the first National Secretary’s Day celebration would take place on Wednesdays during National Secretary’s Week in 1952.

The celebration was moved to the last week of April a few years later. In the early 2000’s, the holiday’s name was changed to Administrative Professional’s Day to reflect the many responsibilities and job titles that those in the field had.

People take the time to show appreciation for their secretaries and others by sending them flowers, chocolates and other gifts.

You can show appreciation to your employees at work by buying them flowers and gift cards and taking them out for lunch. Begin a conversation about your day and spend some time with them to thank them for their hard work.

If you don’t know anyone in administration but would like to celebrate this holiday, share it with your friends. Let them know that this day is about giving thanks to their coworkers.


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