National Adoption Day

National Adoption Day

Ever wondered what it would feel like to adopt a child. Social media is full of videos about children, and the shocking reveal that they have adopted a family. This doesn’t always happen. Adoption of a child takes around 3 years. Adoption Day was created because it is not something that happens often enough. Let’s learn more about National Adoption Day, and how it helps children across the United States find new families.

This holiday was created by a coalition of several organizations in 2000. They include the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute. The Alliance for Children’s Rights, The Alliance for Children’s Rights, and Children’s Action Network. After the adoptions were finalized by courts, over 3,400 children were adopted out of foster care at 200 events across 37 states in 2004. In 2011, more than 300 community and court events were held to celebrate National Adoption Day. The annual event has been working with policymakers and practitioners to help orphaned children find their families.

The National Adoption Day website states that there are more than 110,000 children who are waiting to adopt. This day offers opportunities for adoption of over 65,000 children. The holiday aims to dispel myths about adoption such as the slow process, insufficient families and high costs of adoption. While adoption is an option that some families may consider, it is not the only choice. Adoption is often considered second best because it is common to have children. This holiday is a way to bring awareness to the needs of children without families and to encourage potential adoptive families to think about adoption as a humanitarian option.

To celebrate this holiday, you can start by spreading awareness of adoption through social media, by using the hashtag #NationalAdoptionDay. If you really think hard, you might consider adopting a child. Consider the pros and cons. Adopting a child can be a life-altering decision. It should not be taken lightly. If you feel you and your family can make this decision, you should contact your local adoption agency to get a consultation with their representatives. If you are open to the idea, this could be a life-changing decision for a child.

This is not to be confused with World Adoption Day, which is celebrated on November 9th.


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