National Amelia Earhart Day

National Amelia Earhart Day

Participate in National Amelia Earhart Day by learning more about and honoring this pioneering female pilot!

Amelia Earhart was born 1897 during a period when attitudes towards women in America were beginning to shift. Earhart, a young woman who defied traditional roles, played basketball and took a course on how to fix automobiles. She also went to college. Earhart served as a nurse’s assistant in Canada during World War I, which exposed her to Royal Flying Corps pilots.

Earhart took her first flight in an airplane in 1920. She had already taken flying lessons by 1921 and bought her first airplane, the “Canary”. Earhart set many flying records but her greatest achievement was being the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean in 1932.

Amelia Earhart began her second attempt to fly around the globe in 1937. She reached Southeast Asia from California, but she was lost at sea.

Amelia Earhart Day falls on the same day as the birthday of the brave aviation pioneer. It is July 24.

These are some ideas to celebrate National Amelia Earhart Day

Flying is a great way to celebrate National Amelia Earhart Day in the spirit of adventure. This is the day to get flying, whether you’re looking for a friend who has a pilot’s licence to take you out or if it’s a way to earn your pilot’s certificate.

National Amelia Earhart Day is a wonderful opportunity to read a book, or watch a documentary about her. These are some ideas:

While today’s female pioneers may look very different from Amelia Earhart, they are just as important. Talk to women who have set new standards in their lives by celebrating National Amelia Earhart Day. You can also encourage young women within your circle of influence to achieve big dreams and make an impact in the world.


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