National American Eagle Day

National American Eagle Day

The Bald Eagle (also known as the American Eagle) has been a symbol of liberty and freedom in a country that was founded in pursuit of it. The strength and beauty of this creature’s form, as well as its long life span in the wild, was the reason it was chosen. They protect their nests well and are native to the country they represent. National American Eagle Day is a celebration of this magnificent bird, its history and how it became the symbol for what was once the greatest nation on Earth.

It was a turbulent history for the American Eagle to be used as the national bird. Although there were many seals created for the United States in 1776 by various people, none were approved by Congress. Charles Thomson, then the serving secretary to Congress, was eventually given the task of designing the seal. He took the best elements from the designs and added this magnificent bird to them.

Although Benjamin Franklin is not recorded as having lobbyed for the Turkey as the national bird, it’s known that he called the Bald Eagle a “bird with bad moral character”. It was soon a recognizable symbol of American culture and the seal included the bird. This majestic bird is also at risk of extinction. National American Eagle Day reminds us that this iconic bird was a symbol of national pride and the pursuit of liberty and freedom, and must be protected as an honor to the country.

To celebrate National American Eagle Day, you can pick up a piece of clothing that features this incredible animal and show your pride in America. Next, get out and spread awareness about the endangered state of this magnificent animal and help to preserve it in nature. It would be tragic if this iconic symbol of America was lost due to lack of conservation efforts. Let freedom ring, so get out there today!


Jun 20 2025


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