National Anisette Day

National Anisette Day

Anise is a flavor most people love, but not everyone likes. Are you familiar with black licorice, or have you ever tried it? Are you averse to black jelly beans? Do you like absinthe? You will be familiar with the absinthe flavor. Anisette is a delightful drink. National Anisette Day is a celebration of this sweeter version of absinthe. It’s a great choice for anyone who has ever tried absinthe.

Anisette, like absinthe is made by distilling aniseed (the seed of the anise plants). It is a cousin to pastis and absinthe but is distinguished by the addition of licorice root extract. Sambuca is a popular anisette brand. It requires a minimum of 350g of sugar per liter. It is similar to other flavored liquors in that it isn’t usually drunk straight but is mixed with other liquids. A palomita is a mix of anisette and pure cold water.

The oddity of the palomita was in one step in its creation. It’s not difficult to mix anisette and cold water. Proper preparation means that all the anisette must be mixed into the cold water immediately. The drink cannot be mixed in any other way, not even from a bottle. If the water is uniformly milky white, you will know you are getting a high-quality palomita. You can also add a drop of anisette to water if you want something lighter. This is great for hot days and the end of a long day.

It’s easy to celebrate National Anisette Day. All you have to do is get a bottle and then start mixing it in different drinks. Look for anisette brands made in Spain or Italy to get the best quality. Then, just enjoy the drink. This anise and liquorice flavor can be overwhelming straight from the bottle so don’t drink it straight. Try mixing it with other drinks to get a full-bodied sweet flavor.


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